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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

How Is Your Employee Wellbeing?

  At this point in the pandemic’s cycle it’s time to do a check in with your employees’ wellbeing. Most businesses are creating their plans to return to the office in a safe manner. Jim Cifton and Jim Harter, who are with...

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Practicing Effective Self-Management In 2021

  I chose self-management as the theme to close out the year because COVID 19 has tested every leader globally. Leaders of for profit, nonprofit and faith based organizations! And when things go awry, we can find ourselves thrown off our...

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Practicing Positive Self-Management

  After the year-end crunch attention naturally shifts to focusing on goals for the new year and professional development opportunities. However, this is also a great time to reflect upon both accomplishments and “misses”...

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Leadership Competencies To Lead Through COVID-19 And Beyond

I’m often asked, “Martha, are leaders born or made?” If you’ve been following my BLOG posts, you know that I firmly believe leaders are made and only after certain  key competencies have been identified, harnessed,...

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Lead Using Social Intelligence

If you’ve been following along in the leader coaching process this month, you’ve probably learned a lot about yourself. Now it’s time to learn about others, particularly as they relate to you and your world. When you understand...

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Positive Self-Management During Crunch Time

We’ve spent time this month talking about how to manage others for a successful Q4. It’s also a great time to reflect upon what worked and what didn’t over the past year. Now we’ll wrap up this blog series with the competency...

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