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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

Today I Choose To Be SELF-CONFIDENT Part 1

The truth is self-confidence comes from repeated successes – think about that – is it true for you? If you are not confident and do not believe in yourself, then it is difficult for other people to believe or have confidence in you....

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Emotional Intelligence And COVID 19 Pandemic

During these uncertain times in our world, you may ask why is emotional intelligence (EQ) important? EQ is being aware of and understanding the emotions you are feeling in the moment. Whether you are a business leader, a leader in your community, a...

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The Gift of Compassion

Now that we’re in the holiday season, you’ll notice joy along with the end-of-year stress. It’s a good idea to practice compassion with your team members to gain insight into what makes them tick. We all have a desire for people to...

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