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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

Why Emotional Intelligence is Critical for Leaders

About a year ago I posted a BLOG about the importance of EQ during the pandemic.  In the U.S. companies are figuring out hybrid plans to get employees back in the office to do their work, which is another change for your workforce to adapt to!...

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Today I Choose To Be SELF-CONFIDENT Part 2

photo by fauxels from Pexel   We’re continuing this blog on finding confidence in yourself when you most need it in your professional and personal life. Knowing yourself means knowing your own values, beliefs, fears, passions...

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The 5 Languages of Appreciation for Your Employees

Showing appreciation in a way that is meaningful to your team is especially important now because of the pandemic! Employee awards and bonuses often come up short as a means for employers to show their appreciation. Why? Because they usually only...

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COVID 19 S.T.R.E.S.S. And Employee Mental Well-being?

  There are few things in society more pervasive than stress, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. It is something experienced by most people yet has different origins and manifestations. What causes stress for your colleague may not even...

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The Importance of Employee Mental Wellbeing NOW

I feel certain that you and your employees are feeling the effects of the racial and political strife going on in our country today. I’ve been coaching a number of my clients on the importance of staying close to how these events are affecting...

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