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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

Leaders and Courage

  “Self-Mastery is the foundation of leadership.” Patricia Aburdene Have you been taking stock of what’s needed to continue to lead through the pandemic? Let’s talk about the important leadership competency of...

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Having Resentment Within Your Team?

  With the turmoil of the pandemic and political unrest, you may be seeing resentment creep into your team. Under stress, differences of all sorts may be more common, even with many teams still working remotely.  And once resentment is...

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Acceptance of Differences To Resolve Conflict

“Your brain is like velcro for negative experiences and teflon for positive ones.” (Hansen, Mendius). As terrible as it sounds, it’s true. And as a leader, this is something that deserves your careful attention especially during...

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Leaders Buffer Their Team During Crunch Time

  Consider this scenario: Senior leadership calls a meeting with management to express their concerns the company might not meet goals set for the year-end crunch due to the pandemic. In a less than polite tone, they convey their extreme...

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Social Regulation During COVID-19

As we come to a close on the topic of emotional intelligence this week, I want to address the final component, social regulation. At this point in time, I hope you’ve come to realize that EQ is not a core competency taught in school, but one...

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