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Trusted advisor to leaders of others. Martha Forlines is dedicated to empowering leaders and teams as she propels them toward higher performance. As a gifted leadership and organizational development consultant, coach, speaker, and author, Martha helps her clients understand their key motivators, behaviors, and how their behavior impacts others, which she uses as a foundation in her proven strategies for success.

Meet Martha Forlines:
Leadership Development Expert, Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author

Martha leverages decades of experience developing emerging and established leaders in her programs. Clients respond to her honesty, motivation, strategic insights, and guidance as they are inspired toward action and increased performance. She has an acute understanding of people, especially how they are motivated and how they can best utilize – and develop – their talents for increased success. As a result, both individual and team performance rise.

Individual Coaching for Leaders

Martha has the keen ability to connect quickly with her individual coaching clients, enabling them to trust her wisdom, insights, and intuition. She meets clients where they are and seeks to understand them, allowing for expedited action and results. Click ‘learn more’ below to learn more about Martha’s programs.

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Leadership Consulting Programs for Teams

Martha’s programs are ideal for clients seeking increased performance within a team or organization. Martha knows that motivation is directly connected to performance, and this precept is a key foundation for her programs. When people are motivated, they work harder; when they work harder, performance increases along with business results and profitability.

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Speaking on Leadership, Motivation, and Performance

Martha speaks to a wide variety of audiences on a considerable range of topics to help increase motivation, develop leaders, and encourage performance. If you have a meeting or conference coming up, or another opportunity to gather your team together for shared learning, consider including Martha.

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Client Testimonials

  • Martha has helped me to unravel some complicated employee issues in my business - resulting in improved morale, motivation, and performance. She is insightful about people’s behavior and outcomes.

    Frank Wolff Owner, CATS
  • Martha is a thoughtful and consistent coach whose tools assist clients in not only setting but also achieving goals to better communicate, navigate, and lead in any corporate environment. Martha is genuinely focused on her client’s best interest and the most effective organizational outcomes. She is truly a partner in my success, which is refreshing and priceless.

    Sharon Cook CMO, FHLB Atlanta
  • I truly enjoyed working with Martha. She is a true HR professional that understands how to effectively deal with people while meeting the company objectives. She is a great resource to call on for counsel and advice.

    Steve Carrington V.P. and CIO, Dialog Direct.

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