Martha Forlines' coaching services provide executives and leaders the tools, insights, and guidance needed to maximize individual performance and career achievements. By taking an accurate and in-depth valuation of your current situation, and in learning more about your goals and vision, she will draft a blueprint for success. Then, she'll help get you there.

Reasons to Hire Martha
as a Coach:

 You are new to the executive suite.
 You are a high performer and want to make sure you're ready for that next career opportunity.
 You just received a new, big promotion and need support to "fill your new shoes."
 You are restless in your career and want to explore the possibilities.
 You find yourself in a role that doesn't play to your strengths.
 You have a difficult boss and need help "managing up."

The Potential

 Designing a model career path as a part of the company's succession plan.
 Development of leadership and management skills.
 Increased self-mastery and self-awareness.
 Removing the roadblocks to your career goals.
 Identifying emerging leaders for long-term succession planning.
 Increased job satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

The Program

 Individual assessments selected for higher levels of self-awareness.
 360° assessment and development plan.
 Identifying and articulating core values/motivators (why you do the things you do).
 Understanding your impact on others - your emotional intelligence.
 Knowing your "change" quotient.
 Managing 360° relationships.