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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

Change Management is Vital to Self-Management

As humans, we typically resist change because our bodies try to maintain a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium. Simply put, most people like predictability, comfort, and stability. However, ironically, change is one of the few constants...

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Leader Trust: Relatability and Acceptance

  Being relatable and being accepting of others are key competencies in building and maintaining trust with your team, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. My blogs have been covering the topic of trust in the leadership context this...

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Openness At Work And Trust

The majority of adults spend over 50% of their time at work and like it or not, our colleagues and boss are the people we interact with the most. This week we’ll explore openness as the third foundation of trusting professional relationships....

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Open-Mindedness, Humility and Courage - Leadership Necessities

you been taking stock of what’s needed to deliver your mid-year reviews? If you’ve been following us this month, it’s time to wrap up the six key competencies required to conduct effective reviews. Open-mindedness Humility and...

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