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How Business Leaders Can Sometimes Derail

Today I Choose To Be SELF-CONFIDENT Part 1

The truth is self-confidence comes from repeated successes – think about that – is it true for you? If you are not confident and do not believe in yourself, then it is difficult for other people to believe or have confidence in you....

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Communicate Business Plans & Measure Progress Effectively

  Our BLOG topic for this month is about 2021 business planning competencies. No matter how carefully you’ve crafted your strategic plan during this pandemic, successful implementation will depend on how you communicate it to your...

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Ready For Leadership Coaching in 2020?

Most effective leaders have a growth mindset and a strong desire to continuously learn and develop. The role of a coach to help enable success for leaders is best practice at all stages of your career. Leader coaching is definitely...

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Are You Prepared To Lead in 2020?

  The start of a new year can be both exciting and intimidating. And this year, we’ve got a brand-new decade beginning! I’m honored to guide you through this month of new beginnings by practicing goal setting,...

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The Gift of Belonging

The next leader gift to your team for December is the sense of belonging. Holiday bells are ringing, and your co-workers are likely feeling the positive energy of the season. It’s beneficial for you as the leader to share a sense of belonging...

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Why Is Physical Resilience Important?

Now that it’s spring, you may be reflecting on the state of your business and your upcoming mid-year goals. When you are feeling work stress and anxiety, then it’s time to pay attention to your own physical resilience. Last week’s blog covered...

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