The Gift of Belonging

The next leader gift to your team for December is the sense of belonging. Holiday bells are ringing, and your co-workers are likely feeling the positive energy of the season. It’s beneficial for you as the leader to share a sense of belonging within your team. Let’s look at these benefits.


What it Means to Belong

Being part of a group, whether socially, within an industry or even online, means that you share common interests. This sense of belonging occurs when the person feels that he/she is part of something bigger than themselves and recognizes the rest of team members as equals.


Benefits of Belonging

  • Exposure to new ways of thinking. Sharing ideas in a group-think atmosphere can lead us places we’d never find on our own. Being around others that share the same interests can create a change in attitudes and willingness to try new experiences.
  • Increased confidence: Feeling that our ideas and ways of thinking are supported by team members enables us to believe in ourselves. This is especially true if our team is made up of people, we admire that also validate our ideas.
  • Resources galore: belonging to a group means you have a valuable source of resources, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Examples are having someone endorse you for a seat on a board of directors or someone that is a patient listener to new business ideas for 2020.
  • Love of learning: those that feel they are part of a group are more apt to enjoy learning on the job. They’ll find social rewards like camaraderie and encouragement even when tackling tough assignments or training. 

The Bottom Line on Belonging

The real benefit of this sense of belonging hits the bottom line. I know you leaders are looking for business results! Team members who find a greater purpose at work are more successful and contribute more to their organizations. In fact, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that belonging is valuable and necessary to achieve positive self-esteem. Progress usually stalls when people feel they don’t belong. This need for healthy interpersonal relationships can motivate behavior. Instilling a sense of belonging in your organization is a gift that will keep on giving! 


Are you ready to close the quarter by giving the gift of belonging in your organization? Reach out  to me and I’ll help you find ways to give this important gift to your team.