Ready For Leadership Coaching in 2020?

Most effective leaders have a growth mindset and a strong desire to continuously learn and develop. The role of a coach to help enable success for leaders is best practice at all stages of your career. Leader coaching is definitely a great resource to explore as you start 2020. This month we’ll take a multi-layered approach to learning who YOU are as a leader. Are you ready to learn? 

Know Yourself
The leader coaching process begins with YOU...this means that self-awareness is essential to the process. I recommend taking the DISC behaviors assessment to learn how you respond to  conflict, how you manage relationships, what’s your preferred pace and how you like to solve problems. Once you take a DISC assessment and are debriefed on your report, you’ll have a baseline to move forward in the leader coaching process.

DISC behavior styles: 
1. Dominance refers to how people address problems. A high-D is a self-starting individual
who is forward-looking and embraces challenges. Whereas, a low-D is passive and
reflective when dealing with conflict or challenges.
2. Influence refers to people and contacts. An individual who is a high-I is usually a
people-oriented communicator and an optimistic team player. A low-I, excels behind the
scenes and prefers to work alone.
3. Steadiness refers to a person’s pace and consistency. Those with a high-S are often resistant
to change and prefer to focus on one task at a time. They are even-tempered, friendly
and sympathetic. A low-S is impatient, impulsive and prefers to take on multiple tasks.
4. Compliance refers to how people respond to procedures and constraints. High-C’s think
systematically and make calculated decisions based on data and facts rather than a gut
feeling. A low-C is firm, strong-willed and outspoken when offering opinions and advice.

Can you see some patterns within yourself and those around you? I’ve made this a core element of my practice and can tell you first-hand the many benefits to you. Learning your behavior style will help guide you through tricky Q1 goal challenges and enable you to course correct as  needed. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that self-awareness is critical for high emotional  intelligence on the job. Completing the DISC assessment to start leader coaching is a first great  step. Try it on to see what you think! I can help you interpret your results and most importantly create a plan to make progress. Contact me and we can get started!