Understanding Motivators That Drive Results

The second leadership coaching topic this month is about motivators. Our motivators are tied directly to our values…that handful of things that are most important to us... our “WHY”. Motivators drive us to make decisions all day long that are consistent with our values. We talked about behaviors last week, which is how we show up to again meet the needs of our motivators. When you or your team don't know their WHY (their purpose), it stalls creativity, job satisfaction and success. I’ve seen this inertia many times in my coaching career. It starts with defining your motivators or driving forces. Let’s take a look. 

Assessing Motivators & Driving Forces

An important part of leadership coaching is assessing how each person is uniquely motivated at work and in life. This means drilling down to what intrinsically matters to employees that inspires action. After you’ve completed your DISC behaviors assessment for greater self-awareness, I recommend the Driving Forces assessment as well.

There are 12 Driving Forces or motivators that I utilize with my coaching clients. They define purpose, direction and alignment with values. 


Making Motivators Work

Finding what motivates you and your team will go a long way towards engagement and job fulfillment at work. Another benefit to you as a leader is utilizing behaviors and motivators as a benchmarking tool when selecting new employees. This ensures a complementary fit for the job and for the culture of your organization, not to mention longer term job satisfaction and success on the job. 

Are you ready to assess your motivators/driving forces for you and your team? I can help you get started and create a coaching plan that gets results. Contact me!