Positive Self-Management During Crunch Time

We’ve spent time this month talking about how to manage others for a successful Q4. It’s also a great time to reflect upon what worked and what didn’t over the past year. Now we’ll wrap up this blog series with the competency of “self-management”.


Positivity is more than a buzzword. As a leader, modeling the behavior that leads to professional growth can motivate your team. Keep an upbeat attitude and you’ll influence the atmosphere in the office, that leads to motivated, positive employees.

Here’s how to lead with positivity:

Optimistic Reflection- Reflect on the positive aspects of situations rather than the negative aspects. How you choose to approach conflicts and difficult situations can make all the difference with your employees. Optimistic reflection means reframing a bad situation by taking a different perspective. Try it the next time something trips you up at work. 

Highlight and Reward Behavior- Negative events stick around longer than they need to. Because they leave a lasting impression, we tend to ruminate over what went wrong. Things like a never-ending workload or business performance issues can cast a dark cloud over your team. Flip the script by finding one positive thing to recognize in your employees every day. 

Letting go- Leadership has less to do with control and more to do with influence. As a leader you’re expected to produce desired business results during challenging circumstances. In these situations, you realize not everything is controllable. Learning to let go means you focus on what’s controllable. Providing training and tools can empower your team to manage difficult situations themselves. When you increase positivity with your employees, they are more engaged and motivated at work.

Remember, your employees watch what you do in the office. As a result, your impact is much bigger than you think. Model positivity and your employees can become more positive and resilient. If you’d like to discuss other ways to encourage positive self-management, contact me.