M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E. Your Team in Q4

Fall sports are all about team efforts and the best coaches know how to make good use of timeouts. Just like in a tight football game, your employees will be motivated during Q4, when you call a timeout to regroup and strategize. Let’s examine similar tactics to keep heads in the game during crunch time.

How to keep your team motivated at year end:

Celebrate wins

  • Everyone likes to win big and it’s easy to celebrate large gains. Make a point to celebrate the small, forward-moving efforts that gain momentum towards year end.   This way you’ll motivate your team AND gain credibility as a leader.  
  • Recognition should be seen on both an individual and team level. You don’t need to extend your budget either. Studies show that appropriate appreciation goes a long way to motivate employees. It gives them confidence in the future, especially when compensation considerations are on the table. 
  • Finally, connect the reward to the task or for a pop-up threat that has been mitigated. Employees will work towards goals when they see their progress is appreciated. Plus, you’ll be setting your department up for a high-performing new year!

Take Time for Transparency 

  • We discussed the negative effects of gossip and rumors that easily spread during crunch times.  Transparency and openness are the cure for negativity in the workplace.
  • Encourage transparency by requesting feedback from your team, showing willingness to adopt new methods, and by holding team brainstorming sessions. 
  • Communication allows teams and individuals to collaborate effectively and can ward off misunderstandings. A strong team that works cohesively without gossip can handle the Q4 crunch.

Team Bonding

  • Team bonding efforts have useful benefits. Interacting more frequently with your team during the challenging times can yield positivity and teamwork. Perhaps most useful at  crunch time is the ability to lift peoples’ heads out of their work using engagement and humor.
  • Team-building activities are the perfect timeout for stressful times. Organizing an impromptu happy hour, lunch, or simply sharing Netflix recommendations are great ways to encourage and reinforce the importance of connecting with colleagues. I know one company that set up a karaoke machine in the break room and scheduled quarterly competitions!

    During the year-end crunch, find the value in taking a timeout to help your team regroup. If you’d like to discuss other ways to keep your team motivated through leadership development and coaching, contact me.