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Being Self- Accountable in 2020

Practicing Self-Accountability in 2020 The new-year confetti have been swept away and you’ve set your goals for the year. Unfortunately, the experts say that most new year’s resolutions have been deserted by now. However, when you think...

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Are You Prepared To Lead in 2020?

  The start of a new year can be both exciting and intimidating. And this year, we’ve got a brand-new decade beginning! I’m honored to guide you through this month of new beginnings by practicing goal setting,...

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Unplug On Vacation & Get the Most From Your Time Off

The official start of summer arrives this week on June 21! Most people are eagerly awaiting a vacation but feel stressed with mounting tasks at work. How can you get away without feeling guilty? Embrace unplugging from the daily grind and get...

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