Being Self- Accountable in 2020

Practicing Self-Accountability in 2020

The new-year confetti have been swept away and you’ve set your goals for the year. Unfortunately, the experts say that most new year’s resolutions have been deserted by now. However, when you think of the VALUE you contribute as a leader, mentally it’s harder to not follow through and get results.

Last week we broached the topic of how to be intentional with goal setting. Now, let’s dive into the importance of holding yourself accountable. 

How to Be Self-Accountable:

Tell Others: In the book “Atomic Habits”, by James Clear, he specifies that one of the best ways to be self-accountable is by telling others what you are doing. Making your goals public helps motivate you to fulfilling them. Hitting the snooze button becomes harder when your running partner is waiting on you!

Write it Down: Ask any high school teacher and they’ll tell you the act of physically writing notes can lock information into your brain. Online calendars and lists are great IF you look at them. I recommend writing your goals and putting them into your Google calendar with reminders. 

Get SMART: The SMART system is known across the business world for a reason- it works. If you didn’t start your goals last week, here’s a refresher to get you up to speed. 

Start Small: Big, sweeping goals have their place in your planning. I tell my clients to keep these as a vision (more on that next week) but it’s fine to set small, achievable goals that help boost your morale. Put the smallest goals and tactics on paper and get a sense of accomplishment by checking them off your list. 

Get Going!

Are you ready to kick off a great new year? All this planning can seem like a daunting task. Using the tips above will enable you to get your goals in place by being self-accountable. Contact me and I’ll walk you through goal setting, and sticking to, your SMART goals.