Increase Employee Accountability in Q4

Accountability is one of the hallmarks of a great leader and high performing employees. It’s difficult to instill accountability without an intentional, focused effort. Managers love holding their team accountable because it reduces stress on their end and reminds everyone what outcomes are expected. When it comes to the fourth quarter crunch time, accountability is even more important. We’ll explore this and other facets of effective leadership, all tied to the theme of meeting goals by year-end. Let’s go through key steps to ensure accountability. 

Steps for Accountability During the Year-End Crunch

1.  Set Clear Expectations- As I’ve mentioned before, clear, measurable, goals reduce ambiguity. Establish expectations from square one and avoid a lot of headaches. 

2. Provide Resources- Do you know what your team needs to finish the year strong? Some employees expect extra support and guidance, while others just go for it! Provide your team members with the tools they need to go the extra mile.

3. Plan- Assist your team in creating an action plan for Q4. They may know what they’re accountable for but are stuck with execution. This is where effective leadership comes into play. Give them direction on expected outcomes, then let them execute.

Create a Culture of Accountability

Make accountability something your company lives and breathes. This is especially helpful when onboarding new hires and maintaining a high performing team.  

1. Create habits that encourage accountability. Some companies assign a rotating schedule of            presentations so everyone is required to contribute. Others develop standard operating procedures that employees can follow in your absence. 

2. Set one-on-one meetings and team meetings. Ask your team what they think they are accountable for then respond accordingly. Have them create the team meeting agendas so everyone comes ready to participate fully.  

3. Assign action items in meetings. No meeting is adjourned without solid next steps and deadlines. Remember to assign a scribe to take notes on action items and to follow up and follow through with the team.

If you or your team hasn’t been held accountable, now’s the time to embrace the concept. We’ll continue these leadership tips to prepare for crunch time throughout this month. My goal is to encourage you to end the year strong and start an even better year in 2020! 

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