The Dangers of Stress To Your Mental Well-being

The Dangers of Stress To Your Mental Well-being

Stress is more than a daily annoyance. It affects our lives, both physiologically and psychologically, at work and at home. It’s important to recognize and understand the negative effects of stress as we pursue our path to mental well-being and a positive employee experience.

Let’s start by acknowledging the three major types of stress according to the American Psychological Association.

Acute is the most common form of stress and can be both thrilling (receiving a promotion or downhill skiing) or frightening (car accidents or losing a job). These are short-lived yet bring psychological tension and physiological symptoms.

Episodic stress is experienced by persistent chaos. You know the type; being plagued by bad habits like rushing, being late, being disorganized and overwhelmed.

Chronic stress is the “American grind” syndrome of trying to do and have it all. It’s also the most common and has a big impact on mental, physical and workplace conditions. The worst part is, people tend to get used to the stress, rather than deal with it.

Symptoms from any of these types of stress can include anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, a weakened immune system, violent behavior, heart attack, stroke and even suicide. Treatment typically requires medical and behavioral approaches.

How to Deal with Stress

As a coach, I’ve seen countless leaders battle daily stress that they believe is part of a high-performing life. The truth is, the highest performers have learned tools to combat and manage stress! It sounds like a daunting task, but when your health, family and livelihood are at stake, it’s important to find solutions. Below are some tips for you:

  1. Tracking personal stressors and responses,
  2. Having clarity of work expectations and requirements,
  3. Avoiding workplace conflict/drama,
  4. Staying organized, and
  5. Finding workplace satisfaction and happiness.

Start incorporating stress management techniques in the workplace, to achieve significant steps towards transforming your own and your employees’ experience. YOU set the tone for the organization, so be the model of mental well-being. I can help get you there through my effective coaching process for leaders. Contact me and we’ll get started.