The Value of Mindfulness & Meditation at Work

You know by now the importance of mental well-being, particularly at work. We’ll round out the month by exploring meditation and mindfulness. As a leader, mindfulness and meditation are valuable practices. First, know that the terms refer to the same general goal of calming your frenzied mind, but are different in practice. Second, be assured that even a busy professional like you can easily adopt these effective and proven methods to ground you as a leader.

Defining Mindfulness & Meditation:
Meditation “encompasses the practice of reaching [heightened] consciousness and concentration, to acknowledge the mind and self-regulate it.” You can do it practically anywhere, anytime and it’s free!   Meditation offers a way to soothe ourselves and bring serenity to our minds by letting go of mental chatter.

Mindfulness means “focusing on being present and removing overpowering emotions from the mind.” It means being aware of your outer life and surroundings. Mindfulness allows us to live clearly in the moment.


Combine Mindfulness & Meditation for Major Benefits
Employ both assets and you’ll benefit your mind, body, and overall well-being for yourself and your employees. Countless , including Jeff Weiner (CEO, LinkedIn) and Marc Benioff (CEO, Salesforce), enjoy its advantages. You can set the example by starting mindfulness seminars in your workplace and encourage employees to enroll. Getting started is easy as there are a variety of books, free programs, and apps to guide you or enlist the help of a coach.


Benefits of mindfulness and meditation

  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and conflict
  • Improved physical health and resistance to illness
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Improved communication
  • Increased focus and productivity


It’s a wrap! I’ve enjoyed taking a holistic view to improve mental well-being for yourself and your employees to enable a positive employee experience. Revisit the topics we addressed to see where you need to make improvements: mental well-being and a positive employee experience, , and the . Are you ready to put well-being first? If you would like to discuss how to get started in this management competency to create a positive employee experience,
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