Leading To The Individual

Your own self-awareness as a leader has been the topic for this month as you prepare for the annual performance appraisal process. We’ve covered the two key competencies of hiring the right people and active listening this month. Now, let’s look at the third key competency of leading to the individual.


Defining Leading to the Individual

Leading to the individual means that you know how each team member likes to be communicated with, how much feedback they need, how they handle conflict, and ultimately how they like to be managed.


Every employee on your team is unique. Getting to know your people will help you immensely as you develop as their leader. For instance, how do they like to be led?  What motivates them to action and high performance? 


Understanding Individuals on your Team


When you really need to know what makes your team tick, follow the methods of countless coaches like myself.  DISC assessments breakdown observable behavior. Invest in this non-biased assessment to learn the four primary behavior styles, broken down for you below. 

​​​​​​Adapt your own behavior preferences to the individuals on your team. Understanding what works for each employee enables you to more effectively lead your team. Understanding behavior style is critical to gaining results! If you’ve ever felt misunderstood by a boss, you’ll appreciate knowing that you’re giving your team every advantage possible.


If you are struggling with individual or team performance, leading to the individual may be the solution for you. Contact me to find out more about the magical powers of DISC. In the meantime, take a complimentary DISC assessment.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!