Every-Day Leaders Practice Disciplined Habits

Every-Day Leaders Practice Disciplined Habits

Many people bristle at the thought of being very disciplined. However, the practice of discipline can be set you free as a leader! You’ve learned that being an Every-Day Leader takes introspection and personal growth. Leading others means you teach and show others how to do the work you expect of them. Now let’s talk about how to build discipline to motivate and inspire others at work. Do you show up every-day in a consistent way? As a disciplined leader, you demonstrate to others that you practice what you preach and walk the walk. Let’s explore this topic further.

Becoming a Trustworthy Every-Day Leader

Building a foundation of trust will enable you to show vs. just tell your employees how reliable and consistent you are. When you are “disciplined”, your practices become a habit and you’ll be known for predictability and consistency in your organization. In other words, others see and hear how you communicate to different members of your team, or how you follow up and follow through with them from an accountability stand point. So, let’s look at how Every-Day Leaders interact with their employees:

  • Courtesies – Most employees like to be acknowledged by their boss when they know you have been seen by them, be it first thing in the morning or later in the day. It’s common courtesy to greet the people that report to you. You’ll be showing employees that they’re valuable to the you, no matter what their position is. Make this simple exercise a habit and you’ll quickly build trust.
  • Interpersonal communication – This is all about “how” you connect with people. If you know your team well, you know to be friendly with some, while others prefer you to be more low-key and not so personal. If you can relate to their preferences, you will build rapport quickly.
  • Follow up and follow through – Here’s where accountability show up again. Knowing your team well helps to discern how to follow up with them. Some require diligent follow up yet others need no reminders of their deadlines. Respond accordingly and ask the right questions of the employees that are not as responsive. Involve them in the solutions to improve their accountability and stand firm on your expectations.

How to Instill Discipline

Every-Day Leaders have discipline because they know it works in being a more effective leader. Here are some of the of their practices:

1.They practice self-care:

Disciplined leaders know they have to do a couple of things to make sure they’re the best that they can be. Find ways to take care of your body and mind and they will take care of you. To practice the habit of self-care, a leader must:

Exercise Regularly

Get adequate down time

Renew your mind

Eat Healthy

Have some fun

2. They respect their time and the time of others:

Disciplined leaders know their time is valuable. They also know the time of others are valuable and they respect this. These leaders show up on time. They respect the time-limits others have, and they make wise decisions in how to spend their time.

3. They master their thoughts:

Our “thinking” can be one of the most damaging or the most beneficial things you do as an Every-Day Leader. If you struggle with negative thinking, it’s time to learn how to turn them around. Disciplined leaders choose to see the positive side to a negative situation and seek solutions.

4. They focus on what is important:

It can frustrating when your life is scattered and you don’t know what’s happening next. Disciplined leaders know they can’t be productive if they don’t have a focus on what’s to come. Manage your calendar, then you’ll see what needs to be done and prioritize accordingly.

5. They communicate clearly:

The most disciplined leaders know they have to be clear and concise in the way they communicate. When you don’t communicate clearly, you set yourself and your team up for failure.

Practice and self-discipline are daily habits the Every-Day Leader possesses. Follow the steps I’ve outlined and set yourself up for success. In turn, you’ll be setting others up for success as well. Although these might be some of the greater challenges in your leadership journey, they are extremely valuable. Contact me to learn how I can help you become a more disciplined Every-Day Leader.