Being a Valuable Every-Day Leader

Being a Valuable Every-Day Leader

We’re wrapping up our topic this month of how to be effective as an Every-Day Leader. Becoming an Every-Day Leader is not an easy road but it gets easier with practice. Let’s review important competencies for you to become the leader that raises the bar on performance every-day.

Competencies for effective Every-Day Leadership:

Acceptance of differences requires empathy and grace for employees that have different values than you. Is every member of your team’s voice heard in meetings? Accepting and meeting each of your employees where they are is an important every-day competency.

Authentic connections– Authenticity rules the day for Every-Day Leaders and as a result, people know when they see and feel it. It brings a feeling of trust and confidence. Therefore, the practice of connecting authentically is an every-day habit.

Ability to identify good performance and behavior and praise it. Part of being an Every-Day Leader means enabling your employees to be successful high performers. I suggest that leaders follow The One Minute Manager author Ken Blanchard’s advice to  “catch your employees doing something right and praise it”.

Ability to identify unacceptable performance and deal with it immediately. Let your employee know of his or her performance shortcomings, then set clear expectations for improvement. Outline the employee’s performance goals and hold them accountable.

Ability to grow and develop your employees. Are your employees highly motivated to work in a place that provides growth opportunities? Hold candid conversations about their aspirations. Here’s how I outlined the ways to grow and develop your team.

Practice disciplined habits by interacting with your team frequently. Build a foundation of trust to show vs. just tell your employees how reliable and consistent you are. When you are “disciplined”, then your leadership practices become a habit.

Ability to assess your effectiveness as an Every-Day Leader. Take steps to measure how people perceive you. Check in to get feedback and assess your effectiveness. This takes a big dose of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Summing it up

Being an Every-Day Leader takes introspection, discipline and authenticity. The seeds you plant take time and attention, and as a result, you’ll enjoy rewards over time. Consequently, guiding your employees to success is an every-day practice that enables them to achieve their goals as well as your own. Are you ready to make this step for yourself and your organization? Contact me and we’ll get started!