Martha Forlines BLOG Developments

BLOG Beach Vacation

I’m just back from spring vacation at the Florida coast. This is an early morning view that is total joy for me! I want to thank you for reading and following my leadership BLOGS. I really enjoy working with leaders that are continuous learners like you. I’m excited to announce a few changes to my BLOGS going forward.

BLOG Updates:

Understanding how busy you are, I’ll be publishing my BLOG once a week on Tuesday mornings. This is to optimize the time you take each week to read, get motivated about the topic and apply tips on being the best version of yourself as a leader!

The format of the BLOGS will be variable, some shorter, some longer with more concise messaging about leader development issues you face every day with your team members or with yourself. I’ll continue with a leadership theme for the month as well as competencies to master the theme, including quick tips on how you can apply these on-the- job.

The most important change involves you! I’ll be taking an interactive approach by inviting you to share your best story around each BLOG topic. This can be an example of your best solution or even epic fail. (Unfortunately, we learn more and faster from our leadership blunders.) I’ll select a recommended solution and share it in the following week’s BLOG. You indicate to me if you want me to publish your identity.

Thanks again

My desire is to help you in your quest to be a very successful leader. The theme for May is resilience …your ability to overcome set backs or obstacles in your role. Also, let me know topics of particular interest to you. Thanks again for your readership!