Mid-Year Employee Performance Review Part 2


Mid-Year Employee Performance Review Part 2

Getting prepared for performance reviews is a must this time of the year. Checking in on goals and performance is best practice at  mid-year , as it ensures a higher probability of success at year-end. Here’s how to make the mid-year performance review effective and efficient for you and your team members.

Preparation for Leaders:

  • Begin your session by reviewing the original performance expectations and goals. This will ground you and your employee for this performance discussion.
  • Bring your own notes and reports with you. You can’t be expected to remember everything. Therefore, keeping a file updated throughout the year enables both of you to track progress.
  • Are you up-to-date with previous performance issues? Review time is not the time to address serious issues that occurred months before. As a manager, it’s ideal to learn to recognize, diagnose and discuss performance problems real time.
  • Share appropriate performance examples with your team members. This is a great way to teach and coach to greater success for the coming months.

Competencies Needed for Effective Performance Check-Ins:

Stay tuned this month as I continue breaking down key leadership competencies. You’ll feel well prepared when it comes time to sit down to have an open conversation with your employees. When you’re ready to receive in-depth coaching and leadership development, feel free to contact me!