The Gift of Appreciation

To finish our blog series on leader gifts, I’ve chosen the act of showing appreciation. There’s so much to be thankful for going into this new decade. When we choose to demonstrate gratitude towards others, good things multiply! As you prepare to begin a new year, it’s also important to express appreciation to your team members (as well as other co-workers). Let’s see how this can benefit you in 2020.

We started Q4 preparing for the year-end crunch, so hopefully you’ve taken stock of what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. Now it’s time to let your employees know what they’ve done well over the past few months to kick-off a shiny new year and decade.

Appreciation Matters at Work!
You might already model the behavior you wish to see in others in order to motivate them. But what if your efforts don’t align with what your employees want? I like Dr. Gary Chapman and Paul White’s book The Five Languages of Appreciation. They define why showing appreciation at work can be a motivator for your team members. Below are the five acts of appreciation to create motivation and engagement with your employees, (once you understand what their individual preferences are):

  1. Quality time to connect with bosses or colleagues at work

  2. Appropriate physical touch at work like handshakes, fist bumps or pats on the back

  3. Receiving gifts, no matter how small can show care and appreciation

  4. Meaningful words of appreciation via email, text or in person 

  5. Demonstrating “acts of service” with employees like offering help or inclusion in projects to help development and growth

Benefits of Appreciation

Showing how and why others matter to you as a leader has lasting effects. This Harvard Business study talks about the many ways that gratitude has lasting effects for your employees, yourself and your organization: 

  1. Wellness, including better sleep habits, a healthy metabolism and less stress result when employees feel appreciated and intrinsically satisfied at work. This directly impacts business results and employee performance. 

  2. Employees willfully spread their positive feelings with others, whether it’s helping with a project or recognizing those that have gone the extra mile.

  3. Last-minute demands are better tolerated when appreciation is shown regularly.

During the hustle and bustle of work demands, gratitude can be overlooked. It’s easy to take others for granted. Your employees may feel that their 4th quarter crunch-efforts have gone unnoticed. Take time to show appreciation and you’ll be starting 2020 on the right foot. 

Are you ready to get your new year off to a great start? Leadership development and  coaching is a great way to invest in yourself or your employees. I’m available to help you kick off this new decade. Happy New Year!