Trust: Reliability Over Time

How reliable are you as a leader? It’s important to have a clear definition of what it means to be reliable in your organization. You might think reliability is predictability or dependability. However, there’s much more to it, especially in the business world.

Let’s say an employee has a great work ethic and hasn’t missed a day of work in three years — they’re reliable, right? Maybe not. In business, reliability is not a singular measure, but the sum of many parts and showing up is just one of them.  For example, what do you know about the accuracy of their financial reporting or client deliverables? Reliability is something that needs to be understood throughout your organization. Let’s take a closer look.

How to instill reliability:

Managing commitments: Employees need to feel justified saying “no”, to non-essential tasks while managing priorities. Empower them with project management tools to accurately estimate timelines.

Communication: Clearly communicate and focus on what you expect from employees. Make them comfortable talking to you about their workload and coming up with their own solutions.

Follow-through: Create a culture where follow-through is valued and rewarded.

Can your employees rely on you? Here’s how to show your reliability at work:

Transparency: Keep your employees in the loop with organizational news and available opportunities for their career. If budgets or bonuses are in flux, be open about the obstacles. Don’t leave room for conjecture and gossip- discontentment grows like a weed when not addressed!

Specificity: Give specific timeframes and deadlines. Rather than being punitive, deadlines instill a sense of completion and satisfaction.

Feedback: I’m a big proponent of mid-year reviews! Hold these regularly to maintain open performance dialogue.

Appreciation: Show appreciation for good work and exemplary attitudes in a meaningful way. Wrap up projects with recognition and people will want to be on your team.

Lead by Example: Just like a good parent, coach or mentor, your employees must see you as reliable too. Model the behavior you seek in others.

Reliability over time is a great way to foster trusting professional relationships within your business. It is just one of several elements that make up the foundation of a positive workplace.

I can help increase your reliability as a leader and with your team. Let me coach you to success as we head into fall; contact me today.

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