What’s Your Leadership Resilience Factor?

How's Your Leader Resilience Factor?Do you find yourself leading yourself and your team through different business cycles that cause stress and anxiety? Rhetorical question, I know. The topic this month is about how you face adversity and lead through it successfully. Rollin McCraty developed the model above that speaks to having coherency among these four intrapersonal resilience domains.


Physical fitness, good health and rest and recovery from physical demands make up the physical domain for resiliency.


Being able to regulate your emotions, maintain a positive, optimistic outlook and being self-aware are important for getting through adversity and set backs.


Knowing and honoring your values and beliefs usually result in you demonstrating compassion and concern for others. This creates positive spiritual energy.


What are your self-beliefs and how do you talk to yourself? Both of these elements effect your outlook or perspectives as a leader.

This month we’ll be digging into these domains. The purpose is so you can self-assess where you are on this continuum of resilience. Here’s my challenge…I’d love you to share your most memorable story on this topic! I’ll review the stories those of you dare to share. Then, I’ll pick one story that you can read and hopefully learn from. I look forward to hearing from you!