In Trusted Advisor to Leaders of Others

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My decision to rebrand my business occurred about a year ago. It was a natural evolution for me when Thad Green, my business partner, retired to pursue his passion as an artist. Leveraging what we created at the Belief System Institute, coupled with my expertise in the marketplace, I came to the realization that I had strong name recognition.

Over the years I’ve had my own business, I have had a successful track record working in this niche space, of consulting and coaching executive leaders. A client of mine lead me to realize I had become a trusted advisor to leaders of others.

There’s an intimacy that comes with working one-on-one with individuals and a level of trust is built to optimize individual success as well as team results. Improving individual performance leads to higher levels of division or departmental performance. That is the true measure of success.

 Are you willing to become self-aware?
 Have you established the level of trust that allows your performance to be optimized?
 Can you receive feedback and accept change?
 Are you willing to be self-accountable?

As a leadership advisor, I work with you to talk through your strengths and development needs. We’ll review your assessments and 360° feedback results, and if there’s not a willingness or drive to be accountable and grow, you won’t see the results you desire…it’s your choice.

There are six steps that should be examined and followed by leaders of others to drive employee engagement and high performance:
1. Hire the right people for the right seats on your bus.
2. Set clear expectations for performance outcomes and hold others accountable.
3. Lead and manage to the individual.
4. Leverage their strengths to drive engagement and success.
5. Show appreciation (and humility) in a way that is meaningful (look at point #3 again).
6. Retain your high performing employees.

What is my secret? As a client of mine you benefit from my own leadership trials and tribulations! My “trade secret” is…I truly like people and like helping them to be all they desire to be. That’s it. Curious if you or your team could benefit from my expertise? My “sweet spot” is executive leaders, aspiring leaders and recently promoted leaders who can benefit from a trusted advisor. Contact me at

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