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You may be wondering why empathy is a positive trait for you as a leader? Empathy is a leadership competency that sets leaders apart. It is being able to understand the needs of others. It does not mean that you agree with their point of view. Empathy is the “ability to understand and share the feelings of others.” Throw your preconceived notions of empathy out the door, as it’s not a “touchy-feely” skill. The ability to master and maintain empathy will have a lasting impact on your leadership.Can you inspire beyond capabilities? Can you lead in a compelling manner? Do you have a solid foundation in place?  Do you listen? Are you set for success to be the best leader you can be?

Here are three simple ways empathy makes you a better leader:

  1. Creation of bonds:  Understanding someone’s perspective and connecting with them creates an unbreakable bond. Imagine for a minute the power of your teams and business when you create that bond.
  2. Guide understanding and insight: Remember we all have different filters and see, feel and hear things differently. Understanding where someone is coming from and not passing judgement on their perspective is key. Do not respond and do not reply. Listen and seek to understand.
  3. Cultivation of communication skills: Empathy teaches presence:  Acting in empathy means you are listening in a way that makes people want to communication and share information with you. They feel safe in your presence. They share about their lives because they trust you. Trust is the foundation for every relationship. Are you capable of guiding communications with others?

Demonstrating empathy is not easy, it takes patience.  It is a learned skill set for some and comes naturally for others. The good news is it can be taught. Empathy is one of the important intrapersonal competencies Daniel Goleman created as a part of his theory and practice of emotional intelligence for leaders. Leadership is having the ability to relate, connect and listen to people. Do that and you’ll inspire and empower those that work for you.

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