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Self-Awareness Enables Authenticity

Self-Awareness Enables Authenticity

There is no doubt that goal-setting is an important business process for leaders. As March roars open with winter storms, flooding and dreary weather, we’re wise to remind ourselves of something to ground us at this time – self-awareness. Being self-aware and demonstrating authenticity with your team drives goal achievement, so they are with you, not against you.

Understand Your Leader Impact

Learning how you impact others enables your relationships to grow more real and authentic. Who doesn’t want a relationship based on your true self tuning into other’s needs at work? You don’t need a corporate retreat to get there. We talked about how self-awareness is the foundation of EQ or emotional intelligence last month. Adjust your words and tone depending on situations or others’ tendencies you work with. You’ll benefit from more positive interactions with others, which is vital in the workplace as well as your personal life! Understanding your impact on others enables you to be in more authentic relationships with those you work with…plain and simple.

Self-Aware Leader

When you show up with consistency and predictability with your team members, it builds trust and rapport. They know what to expect and they perform to your expectations. For example, do you promote special rewards or incentives to rally your team to meet a goal? A half-day Friday, extra remote work day or increased commissions are popular and get people motivated about achieving their goals. All this goodwill feels good, right?  In the end, it’s the commitment of quality people and results we’re after. Coming through with the rewards you promised immediately shows your loyal and steadfast nature as their leader.

Inconsistent Leadership

As a leader of others, you don’t want your employees walking on egg shells because they don’t know who is showing up today. It is difficult to be in a relationship with you when you’re not consistent and predictable in your interactions. Have you had a boss that says “good morning” one day and ignores you in the hallway the next? Or asks you why you did a report a certain way when you distinctly recall their instructions in your favor? Maybe, they’ve sent your team a new initiative with a vague picture of what “done” looks like, then become agitated with the results. If you’ve been keeping up with us since last month, you know that self-awareness and understanding your impact on others breeds quality leaders.

Five Things to Increase Your Self-Awareness and Authenticity:

  1. Be aware of how you are feeling in the moment.
  2. Name your emotions and feelings: “I’m feeling nervous about this change. I’m confident my team can pull this off.”
  3. Notice when your feelings and mood change – especially if you find yourself getting upset or excited.
  4. Ask yourself why this is happening. What changes in your industry, market or corporation are occurring?
  5. Be conscious of the impact your feelings and emotions have on your thoughts and consequent behavior.

Being authentic is not about perfection. Authenticity in relationships means you are your true self, no facades or masks. Resiliency coach Marquita Herald states that self-awareness isn’t a magic bullet to having it all but a step in the right direction. And if we deny who we really are, we stunt our own growth! Take these steps with us to grow as a leader by becoming more self-aware. Reach out and we’ll get started.



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