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Are we born as great leaders or can we glean certain traits from people that we believe will make us successful?  It’s ultimately the nature versus nurture question.  I believe we learn how to be good leaders and that requires emotional intelligence (EI).

Ask yourself: Who in your mind is a great leader?  What traits do they possess?  Passion?  Vision?  What else?

Truly great leaders actually make their own leadership style.  They are keenly aware of how their style influences their team.  They identify and understand their emotions and most importantly they are able to empower others to do the same.  And that is EI.

The original definition, as coined by the team of Salovey and Mayer (1990) is:

Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the collection of abilities used to identify, understand, control and assess the emotions of the self and others. 

The following are five reasons why emotional intelligence matters:

  1. Compassion

Leaders possessing EI are not afraid of others’ emotions. They realize they are growing a business but one that cares about all its employees and customers.

  1. Effective Communication

Motivation comes from effective communication. Clarity and consistency— the ability to understand what is expected or needed from them. Can you listen without judgment?

  1. Respect 

A EI leader practices self-respect. Your team will look to how you treat yourself.  How do you handle making mistakes?

  1. Lead With Heart

Can you show emotions and vulnerability?  How do you connect emotionally with your employees?  Do you engage your employees?

  1. Intuition

Intuitive leaders make decisions based on wisdom and understanding. Can you trust your gut?  Can you take the right steps to inspire others?

EQ is important to being a great leader. I believe in leading to maximum potential and delivering results that matter.   If you do too and want to know more, please contact me. 

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